About Me

Hi, My name is Ewa and I would like to welcome you warmly to my website.!

I have been a photographer now for 9 years.
Initially my interest in photography began as a model, however I soon realised I was at the wrong side of the lens
Having played around with different types of photography I discovered that my passion lay in newborn photography.

Capturing those first few special days lovingly in pictures which can be so overwhelming that they can be harder to recall later.
As a mother to two beautiful souls myself I understand just how quickly those first few weeks disappear!

While new-born photography is the biggest part of my portfolio,
I have also shot family, toddler, Communion and Conformation shoots and I apply the same professionalism to all sessions,
whether it is in my studio or on the set of an occasion like a wedding.

I would describe my approach to photography as “unobtrusive” which creates photos that are natural
and perfect to catch special moments within the wonderful occasion.

Whether it is at your wedding, a family portrait session or in my studio, I apply myself totally to the task in hand,
working tirelessly to provide the highest quality photographs, products and customer service.